Qilimix-Layer (Granulated)
(Granulated Organic Mineral Premix)
Efficient & Cost-effective
QILIMIX-LAYER G is scientifically formulated to meet the physiological needs of laying hens, produced by Tanke’s unique technology, purified by crystallization and stabilized by coating. For laying hens, the reduction of eggshell quality seriously affects the economic benefits, and reduces the embryo survival rate and hatching rate. Appropriate levels of organic iron, zinc, copper, and manganese could activate biological enzymes in vivo, promotes biological mineralization of eggshell, and improve eggshell quality.
1. Appropriate levels of organic iron, zinc, copper, and manganese prevent antagonism between different minerals;
2. Stable and organic coating granules of moderate size;
3. Contribute to electrolyte balance and improving anti-stress ability in laying hens;
4. Chelated trace minerals efficiently activate biological enzymes, improve laying performance, reduce breakage rate of eggs;
5. Synergistically enhance the effects of vitamins in feed, and improve egg quality.
Mineral Fe Zn Mn Cu Co Se I
Content, ≥mg/kg 60,000 60,000 60,000 6,000 300 100 100
DOSAGE: 0.5~1.0kg/t of complete feed for layer
PACKAGE: 25kg/bag
STORAGE: store in a cool, dry and dark place.
SHELF LIFE: 24 months under normal storage condition