Nutrineed SP
NutrineedTM SP
Soluble Premix of Vitamins and Organic Minerals for Poultry


Vitamin A

4000000~5000000 IU/kg

Chelated Fe


Vitamin D3


Chelated Cu


Vitamin K3


Chelated Mn


Vitamin B1


Chelated Zn


Vitamin B2




Vitamin B6

≥1300 mg/kg



Vitamin C

≥50000 mg/kg

Folic acid


Vitamin E



D-Calcium Pantothenate










1. Formulated with water-soluble materials including various vitamins, chelated trace minerals, amino acids and carbonhydrate.Vitamin C is stablized by chelating with Zn.
2. High stability resulted from advanced production technology;
3. Easy to be dissolved and absorbed, minimizing antagonism in product;
4. Efficiently supplement vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids by mixing with water or feed.

Prevention effect:
1. Prevent the stress response caused by weather change, vaccination, flock shifting, beak breaking, transportation and other factors;
2. Prevent birds from pecking anus, pecking feathers, soft foot disease, fatty liver, etc.

Combination effect:
1. Significantly improve the survival rate of young birds and improve the quality of poultry products
2. Laying period comes earlier, and increase 
3. Improve the color and smoothness of egg shell, reduce soft-shell eggs, sand-shell eggs, deformed eggs and broken eggs, and extend egg shelf life.
4. Improve the fattening performance, the luster of feathers, the redness of comb, and shorten the time for moulting in native chicken and brown chicken.
5. Improve the pigmentation of skin, feathers and muscles, improve product quality, growth performance, and FCR.

Nutritional effect:
1. Regulate nutrition balance, improve immunity, disease resistance;
2. Alleviate the deficiency of vitamins, trace minerals and amino acids.

In feed: 1000g per ton of feed
In water: 500g per 1000L of water
Times of use can be increased if poultry is short of nutrition, recovering from sickness, or under stress.
Package: 1kg/bag, 20bags/box
Storage: Keep sealed and stored in cool, dry and dark place.
Attention: Use up as soon as possible after open.
Shelf life:12months

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