(Organic Compound Acidifier)
It is an organic mixed feed acidifier for improving the digestion in young pig and controlling the pathogenic microbial flora in the gut.
Main composition
Citric acid, fumaric acid, and etc. (total acid ≥ 50%)
Perfect effect
1. Stimulate the activity of pepsin in stomach, and slow down the feed-throughput in the small intestine, and improve the digestion, because it reduces the acid binding capacity (ABC) or pH of the complete feed.
2. Reduce the morbidity of diarrhea, because the lower pH inhibits the development of pathogenic bacteria, and intensifies the effect of antibiotics.
3. Improve the marketability and quality of feed, because it inhibits the development of mould in feed, intensifies the effect of anti-oxidation.
4. Complex effect enhances the absorption of micro-mineral in the small intestine.

Piglets (up to 15 kg): 2~3kg/t   Poultry: 1.5-2.5 kg/t
Piglets (15-30 kg): 1~2kg/t       Ruminant: 1-1.5 kg/t

Products Appearance: Yellow free-flow powder
Packing: 20kg/bag

Functional Feed Additive